Privacy Policy

Pete Hill WMCI: Privacy Policy

Pete Hill WMCI is a business purely involved in the rock and mountain sports instruction sector, with particular reference to the delivery of Mountain Training’s rock and mountain sport qualification schemes.

This Policy sets out our commitments to you, in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and explains how we collect, store, and use your personal information.

When we hold or use your personal details the information below sets out what we hold about you (in particular your contact details), how your personal information may be used, the reasons for these uses and what happens following the termination of your course.

The only reason that we hold your details is to facilitate your booking on one of the courses which we run. We do not share your information with any other person or third party (other than Mountain Training Scotland for registration purposes, our instructional staff for information or emergency services if required), and we absolutely do not sell your information on to advertisers or other similar organisations.

  • The main method for us to collect your data is via you submitting a booking form. This will contain details, entered by you, such as your name, address, contact details and information relating to the type and date of course which you wish to attend, along with relevant medical information. The booking form is on our website and we receive the information that you enter once you press the ‘submit’ button.
  • A second method is by email, usually following an emailed enquiry from you. Our reply might ask for further contact details.
  • A third method is by telephone. You might contact us to enquire about a course and we may then record your telephone or other contact details so that we may contact you further with the details that you require.

 Your personal information is only used to facilitate issues such as booking on your course, the running of the course and to send you any course-relevant material (such as a certificate) at the end of your course. The use of your personal details will include the following:

  • Collection of personal and contact details, along with your course choice, so that we may then process that booking and provide you with a booking confirmation;
  • reminders about course payments;
  • informing you of any changes to dates,
  • informing you of updates to times, meeting points and any last-minute changes to your course schedule;
  • to send you theory papers and other information related to aspects of training and assessment courses;
  • to enter your registration number (for NGB courses), with the Mountain Training Candidate Management System, which allows for verification of your course registration;
  • to give information relating to your name, contact details and medical declaration to instructional staff to use in relation to the course which you are attending;
  • to pass any requested information to emergency services or other legal entity should the need arise during the duration of your course;
  • to facilitate a refund to you, if necessary, following the postponement or cancellation of your course.

Payment for our courses is made by BACS, PayPal or cheque. Once your payments have been made and the course has been completed, no details of your payment method will be retained, either on our computer system or written anywhere by hand.

  •  A copy of your booking form is held on computer in our office and a print-out of the same form is kept in the office file for ease of reference. Onto the printed form we add, by hand, our own information such as the date when a booking confirmation was sent, any payments made, and changes to dates, etc;
  • copies of any emails from you, relevant to your course, might be kept in the appropriate courses folder on our office computer;
  • information, given by you over the telephone, might be written down by hand and kept in a suitable place in case needed as a reference when dealing with any course issues.

Only staff directly associated with our business have access to any details which you submit. This will include those in the office and potentially relevant information given out to instructional staff. Information relating to NGB courses will also be passed to the Mountain Training Candidate Management System. Your information will never be passed to any third party not directly involved in either our business or the delivery and administration of your course. We do not sell information on to advertisers.


 Your personal information is only kept until the point where your course is complete and all relevant administration relevant to your course has also been completed. Once this has been done, your emailed booking form, along with any other email communications relating to your course, are deleted from our computer and any paper copies are destroyed. The only exception to this would be if there were the need to retain your details in the case of an enquiry following an accident or some other legally based reason. In all other cases, all of your details will cease to exist on our system.

  1. If you have any questions about our privacy policy or about how your details are being managed, don’t hesitate to contact us on