Climbing Wall Instructor


The CWI, or Climbing Wall Instructor Award, is a nationally recognised qualification for those wishing to supervise individuals and groups using structures such as climbing walls and climbing towers. The CWI is administered by the MTUK through the home nation boards. As a nation-wide award, it is quite acceptable for those registered with, for instance, the MTE to be trained and assessed by an MTS registered provider. It is also fine to be trained and assessed by the same provider. Registration on the Climbing Wall Instructor Award scheme is a pre-requirement for attending the courses.

Although we are happy to run courses at venues to suit, we generally base out courses in either Aberdeen or Grantown/Inverness.

The syllabus consists of the following:

* A 12 hour training course (split over 2 days or a number of evenings).
* A 4 hour optional add-on abseiling and top-roping module
* A 6 hour assessment (1 day or 2 evenings).
* An optional 2 hour assessment for those wishing to complete the abseiling and top-roping module.

Our courses combine all elements, although candidates may opt out of the extra modules if they so wish. A full syllabus for the Climbing Wall Instructor Award scheme will be included with your registration.

If you wish to add the abseil and top-rope element, please check with us at time of booking.

We have had the honour of running the FIRST EVER original Climbing Wall Award training course in Scotland, in Feb 2008. This was highly successful, and the course was moderated by the Secretary of MTS.


The CWI training course is run over two days, with 12 hours training contact time. It covers a variety of relevant skills, and both personal climbing and group session techniques will be included.
As an addition, onto our training course we can also add the 4-hour abseiling and top-roping module. This element is not compulsory, and taking this element is up to the individual candidate.

The CWI assessment course runs for 6 hours, and tests the candidate on a variety of syllabus-related topics. Candidates who successfully pass the main assessment may then move on to be assessed for the abseiling module, if they so wish. This 2 hour element will usually be offered as part of the same assessment session, although candidates can choose to complete this section or not.

In addition to the above, we keep a list of candidates requiring Climbing Wall Instructor Award training or assessment courses on dates other than those indicated. If you are looking for an alternative date, or wish to make a last minute booking, please call us for the latest date list. Vacancies are often available at short notice.

Climbing Wall Instructor Award re-assessments for deferred candidates are arranged to order, and are usually on a 1:1 basis. You do not have to have been originally assessed by us to attend a re-assessment here.
EXPERIENCE: Meeting the re-assessment criteria, as laid out in your original deferral.
RATIO: 1:1 – 1:4
Prices on application, depending upon the element required, plus climbing wall entrance fee.
Dates to suit – call us to arrange a suitable time.

All courses run on behalf of MTS are moderated to ensure that they are being run at syllabus standard. Below are extracts from the moderation report from MTS, when we were moderated running the first CWA course in Scotland.

……….All the work seen was relevant, pitched at the right level for the candidates and delivered in a friendly and professional manner……….

………..the hand-outs given to the candidates were very good, especially covering topics not actually covered on the course such as auto-belayers………..

…………Pete had a range of equipment such as belay devices for the candidates to try out……….

………I thought the course was being well run and the only comments were positive. For the first course of this new award I felt it to be going very well and the candidates were all getting a great deal from the training…………