Indoor Climbing Assistant


The Indoor Climbing Assistant qualification is for those with competence in the basic skills of climbing who wish to assist qualified climbing instructors and coaches in the management of their sessions. Indoor Climbing Assistants are assessed as being competent in their role, supporting qualified instructors and coaches but are not qualified to manage groups independently.

As the ICA syllabus says, Indoor Climbing Assistants can have an inspirational effect on individuals, groups and communities. They work with participants and a range of others such as instructors, other climbing assistants, colleagues, volunteers, parents, teachers, while operating under the direct supervision of a qualified instructor, an Indoor Climbing Assistant can:

  • assist with the fitting of basic equipment such as harnesses, helmets and rock shoes.
  • assist a qualified instructor with the supervision of core climbing techniques.
  • assist a qualified instructor at indoor and outdoor bouldering venues and climbing walls.

In addition to the advertised dates we are happy to run our ICA courses on dates and venues to suit. There are often other candidates looking to join a course so feel free to contact us and we will do our best to arrange a date for you. The course lasts one day (a minimum of six hours of contact time), and incorporates both the training and assessment elements into the one session.